Welcome to Klaus Hofrichter’s Professional Portfolio.  This site is an extension of Klaus’ Curriculum Vitae, please contact klaus@klaushofrichter.net to ask for the CV or for further details.

How Does This Work?

The posts in this blog are all related to specific products or accomplishments where Klaus was involved, for example, the development and deployment of Folding At Home for PS3.  “Involved” means either direct contribution or direct responsibility as manager. The date associated with a post is an approximate date, somehow related to the respective topic, such as a shipping date. This is more intended to facilitate the rough timeline, rather than to show an exact time of completion or delivery. Usually, it’s marked as the 1st of a month around the time where something significant in the project happened.

The main content of this site is in the Accomplishments section – a list of the accomplishments is on the right side in chronological order (desktop browser, not on mobile). Then there is a short Bio and a page with Links to information related to Klaus’ other activities on the web.

Here are some visual highlights from the Accomplishments section:


Klaus Did All This, Really?

Actually, Klaus did a lot more than listed in this blog, as many activities within a company never see the light of day (i.e. no shipping, or company internal work), or the contribution is too small to justify the reference. In these cases there are usually no public records of the activity, and so the related task is not listed. Also there is more detail for more recent accomplishments, and things done more than a few years back are less detailed.

Klaus obviously did not do everything personally and alone, but he was responsible and eventually accountable in some capacity for all items mentioned on this site. Every manager and executive relies on a good team, and in Klaus’ career, there was more often than not a fabulous team at work. But that’s the role of the manager: bring good people together, form a team, motivate, collaborate, and most important create an environment where great things happen and provide inspiration and guidance along the way, and celebrate. This is where Klaus respectfully thinks that he is really good.

These Are Company Secrets!

No. All content on this site is using publicly available information, no pictures or other information comes from inside of the employers’ domain. The disclosure here is that Klaus was somehow involved in these activities, but that’s legal and fair to say.