Startup: TwonkyVision

Klaus was original co-founder of the TwonkyVision GmbH in Berlin Germany in 2000. The company developed a variety of media software, including an MHEG Engine and the well-known Twonky Media DLNA Server. TwonkyVision was financed privately and grew organically. The company was successfully acquired in 2006 by PacketVideo in San Diego. Klaus’ work for TwonkyVision was done in parallel and with approval by Sony.

The Twonky Media Server was as market leader deployed on many Network Attached Storage devices (e.g. Western Digital), but the PC version was quite popular as well. The main differentiation from others was a high compatibility rate and small memory footprint.

Twonky Media Server Configuration

Twonky Media Server Configuration on Windows

Twonky Media Content Player

Twonky Media Content Player